As a former professional baseball player and now a youth and traveling baseball coach I know the challenges of the game.  As a head coach I have studied the game far more now than I ever did as a player.  That being said, I have never believed I had all of the answers and I have searched extensively for those with more knowledge and results to back it up.

It is easy to go online, find drills, study technique and incorporate that into your program.  However, you may find, as I have,  that large improvements in pitching, fielding or hitting are rarely gained through this process and this can be frustrating.  In my search for a different and unique approach to produce more quality at bats, better contact and power, Dave Kirilloff intrigued my interest with his approach regarding TIMING!

It was this topic that inspired me to call Dave and request a seminar in Minnesota.  The process was smooth and from the first phone call to the completion of the seminar, Dave was not only a professional but a passionate instructor with a tremendous system and style that produced immediate results.  I would 100% recommend a Dave Kirilloff seminar or his video series! Dave taught things I have never seen and inspired a number of young athletes to be even more motivated because of his system.

Dave, Thank you for your knowledge, passion and all you did and I look forward to visiting you with my son soon in Pittsburgh!

                                                                                                                                         Klint Klaas Woodbury, Minnesota


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