Ronnie Bell New Orleans LA

As a former player and coach, I very passionately pursue knowledge for my players. I have attended conferences and clinics all over the country taught by current NCAA and MLB hitting instructors. These include the ABCA(Dallas/Anaheim), the WBCC (Mohegan Sun), and chalk talk with Derek Shelton(Indians,Rays) and John Malee(Cubs). While these were all very beneficial, none compared to Coach Dave Kirilloff’s Traveling Tour weekend instruction in Plano, Tx.

Dave has the unique ability to translate important swing aspects in an unconventional, but extremely effective manner. I have never heard any of these techniques taught the way Coach Dave teaches. They were easy for player and coach to understand so the established foundation could simply be brought back home and continued. Thanks Coach, for helping my son Cameron(HS Soph) reach a performance level in 3 hours that I could not have done in years. I have seen a lot of hitting experts over the last 20-25 years. This is where you need to invest in your kids/players futures. Simple concepts, Fantastic results.”

Ronnie (son Cameron) Bell
Franklinton, Louisiana