Scott Waitlevertch / Cranberry Twp PA

Coach Dave – I wanted to let you know, Michael has found much success so far this spring season at the plate. The “dominant eye…ball is there – ball is at the plate…don’t let the brain stand still” is really clicking for him. That may have been the “nugget” we have been looking for and with success he has gained confidence. And with his confidence up, he finds success.

I don’t want to “jinx” a good thing (and slumps happen) but to give you some perspective, he is batting .400 in the Quad County North League (higher competitive league with better pitching) and .525 in the North Suburban Pony Competitive League at this point. He is also hitting the ball with power…driving balls to the gap – 4 doubles and a triple. Other coaches have commented to me he has a “hot bat” right now.

Thanks for your efforts in helping him – he has a passion for the game – I hope he continues to work hard and enjoys playing the game at whatever level his skills and determination may take him.

Scott Waitlevertch