New…Baseball and Softball Training with Dave Kirilloff
I have relocated to Dallas Texas and I am conducting baseball and softball private lessons and group training
for players ages 8 years old to 22 years old +.
Baseball and Softball lessons can include different skill sets you want to improve:
Pitching... for both Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Players.
Infield Skills…Latin Style
Throwing Development…Overall program and knowledge for different Arm-Slot Angles.
HITTING…of course is our specialty.

What separates our Baseball and Softball Lesson Programs from other Facilities is Our:
(1) Quest for learning.  My staff and I are continually searching and testing innovative training paradigms that prove to help our players perform better in their games.  <<Watch Video>>
(2)  Identifying the player’s natural athletic disposition.  An example of this can be found in both hitters and pitchers in light of their tempos.  Some players want to move suddenly and “Not Wait Around”…while others want to “Take their time to Build Up” to the moment of the action.  This is extremely important when working with a Hitter’s Timing…or, how a pitcher uses the SLOPE of the pitching mound!
(3) We make FUN!  Part of the process of developing is being challenged and experiencing failure in a controlled setting.  It is FUN for players to learn how to recognize their mistakes and then be able to self-coach themselves during the game!  Players love our approach and enthusiastic way of delivering instruction!

Most Prominent Student (my son): Alex Kirilloff
see video:


*One on One Private Lessons with Dave Kirilloff.
55 Minute Lessons…
CLICK this LINK to Purchase – CALL or EMAIL me to schedule.

Sign Up and Join one of our Nightly Hitting Groups in the DFW-Area. The hitting group’s primary focus is on the finer points of hitting-timing and hitting-spatial alertness. Because we want our hitters to learn how to focus on the baseball and its flight path during the acceleration phase, our hitters learn how to make swing-mechanics adjustments during the deceleration phase. Dave Kirilloff is the group hitting instructor. Because Coach Dave throws real-live batting practice, he is able to adjust throwing speeds to accommodate both, High School age players (18 yrs old) to Youth Level (10 yrs old) in the same group. The group is limited to only 5 players. Once 5 players are enlisted, the session will be closed.  Each group session is 55 minutes.  Each Session is only $75.  The Package Deal rate is only $65 when you pay for 6 sessions is full.
Hitting Groups meet weekly from 8pm to 9pm.
Click Link and Join One of Our Hitting Groups..!

-Groups Sessions Will Run Weekly-
Mondays =
Tuesdays = Fort Worth Texans Facility / Hurst, TX
Thursdays =
Click Link and Join One of Our Hitting Groups..!

Training Locations:
Training locations will vary from program to program and days of the week.
1. Frozen Ropes /  6161 County Road 124 / McKinney TX 75071
2. Southfork Sports Complex / 5955 Lindsey Lane / Parker TX 75002
3. Fort Worth Texans Baseball Facility / 745 West Hurst Blvd. / Hurst, TX 76053

CALL or EMAIL ME if you have questions.
PHONE:   412-287-6689