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  • New ReleaseBest Hit Drill Ever 5.0 Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 5.0 Video CourseStream Online for$595
    Unlimited Viewing!
    **33 Full Videos**
    almost 4.5 hours of Instruction / 5.0 Version also includes the 3rd and 4th Editions ... and.......1.5 hours of New Added Instruction
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  • Learn MoreBest Hit Drill Ever 4th Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 4th Video CourseStream Online for$345$195
    Unlimited Viewing!
    **21 Full Videos**
    Receive 3rd video course free
    almost 3 hours of New Hitting Instruction
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  • Learn MoreZOOM Call Baseball Training SessionZOOM Call Baseball Training Session
    Zoom Baseball Training Sessions with Dave Kirilloff. This hitting development is specifically designed to improve your hitting timing and hitting spatial alertness.
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  • New ReleaseTraining at Home Video CourseTraining at Home Video CourseStream Online for$145$95
    **6 Full Videos** Includes Training At Home Drills for Hitting, Throwing, Fielding and Sprinting.
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  • Learn MorePrivate Lessons and Group Training in TexasPrivate Lessons and Group Training in Texas
    Pitching: for both Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Players
    Infield Skills: Latin Style
    Throwing Development: Overall program and knowledge for different Arm-Slot Angles.
    HITTING: of course is our specialty.
  • Learn MoreTraveling Hitting EventTraveling Hitting Event$only $150
    Clinic T-Shirt
    Join our Group and discover the truth about Mastering your Hitting Timing at Home Plate. We are coming to these cities soon....
    Online access for life to the BEST HITTING DRILL EVER!
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  • New ReleaseWorlds Greatest Hitting Formula CourseWorlds Greatest Hitting Formula CourseStream Online for$2495
    Unlimited Viewing!
    **51 Full Videos**
    Almost 6 hours of detailed hitting instruction, NEVER Seen, NEVER Heard anywhere else..! (This video series contains the information about the Pitcher's Common Denominator)
    I Come to YOUR City..
    Now Included FREE Visit..
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  • Learn MoreBest Hit Drill Ever 3rd Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 3rd Video CourseStream Online for$195
    Unlimited Viewing!
    **14 Full Videos**
    1.5 Hours of NEW hitting instruction
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