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  • New ReleaseTraining at Home Video CourseTraining at Home Video CourseStream Online for$145$95**6 Full Videos** Includes Training At Home Drills for Hitting, Throwing, Fielding and Sprinting.Read More
  • New ReleaseBest Hit Drill Ever 5.0 Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 5.0 Video CourseStream Online for$595Unlimited Viewing
    **33 Full Videos**
    almost 4.5 hours of Instruction / 5.0 Version also includes the 3rd and 4th Editions ... and.......1.5 hours of New Added Instruction
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  • Learn MoreBest Hit Drill Ever 4th Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 4th Video CourseStream Online for$345$195Unlimited Viewing
    **21 Full Videos**
    almost 3 hours of New Hitting Instruction
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  • Learn MoreBest Hit Drill Ever 3rd Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 3rd Video CourseStream Online for$195Unlimited Viewing
    **14 Full Videos**
    1.5 Hours of NEW hitting instruction
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  • Learn MoreOne on One Training in TexasOne on One Training in TexasPitching: for both Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Players
    Infield Skills: Latin Style
    Throwing Development: Overall program and knowledge for different Arm-Slot Angles.
    HITTING: of course is our specialty.
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  • Learn MoreTraveling Hitting EventTraveling Hitting Event$only $345Clinic T-Shirt
    Join our Group and discover the truth about Mastering your Hitting Timing at Home Plate. We are coming to these cities soon. Chicago / Anaheim / Dallas / Houston / Atlanta / Charlotte / Indianapolis / St. Louis / Cincinnati ...
    Online access for life to the BEST HITTING DRILL EVER!
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  • New ReleasePitching Video Course *Coming April 2020*Pitching Video Course *Coming April 2020*Read More
  • New ReleaseWorlds Greatest Hitting Formula CourseWorlds Greatest Hitting Formula CourseStream Online for$2495Unlimited Viewing!
    **51 Full Videos**
    Almost 6 hours of detailed hitting instruction, NEVER Seen, NEVER Heard anywhere else..! (This video series contains the information about the Pitcher's Common Denominator)
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    I Come to YOUR City..
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