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While our hitters are struggling, what approach are we going to use to get them out of their slumps?  I know hitting mechanics are important, but while the baseball or softball is on its flight path – Our hitters aren’t thinking about shoulders, hips, and weight shift.  I know having the right “state of mind” helps too but – when the pitch is just about to be released, our hitters AREN’T thinking “I can beat this pitcher”…  why aren’t they thinking this?   Because the ball is COMING!

It has been said, you can learn a lot about a person’s heart, character, and interest, just by staring at and observing the person’s eyes.
I have been practicing this for years now while I’ve been throwing batting practice.  And – outside of the hitting mechanics we can gauge a lot about our hitters, and what they are thinking about, and what they are looking at when we watch their faces just before the pitch is thrown.  While examining this I was blessed to learn that what is really getting in the way of our hitters performing better is their inconsistency in processing the pitch… Controlling what I’ve termed the “Starting Line and the Finish Line”.

It is all too apparent to me now, the Hitter’s Biggest Challenge (at home plate) is to process AND control the beginning and the end, the front and the back, the starting line, and the finish line.  Period!  This may sound easy and elementary but – it’s taken years of filing away hitting notes and word pictures to drive home to the hitter an effective way to get these elements across, one which the hitter can apply while standing in the batter’s box.

The cornerstone to effectively teaching our hitters how to have consistent control of the starting line – is to understand the pitcher’s common denominator ( not the release point).  And learn how to time your EYES and time your ADRENALINE to the pitcher’s common denominator.  Most good hitters understand internally what the common denominator is, and can’t put it into words.  And that’s one of the problems, because, when the good hitters slump, their lack of understanding of how everything works off of the pitcher’s common denominator prolongs their hitting slumps.  Therefore – hitting slumps and successful hitting all work off of the premise of understanding the pitcher’s common denominator. When our hitters understand the common denominator we can begin to teach our hitters how to “process” the starting line and finish line. Or as I like to teach it… “The ball is out THERE, now it’s right HERE..”

The first step in getting our hitters to perform better is gaining more knowledge about the pitcher’s common denominator.  Remember –  KNOWLEDGE doesn’t decrease in value, KNOWLEDGE always increases in value.  The earlier your hitter learns how to process correctly, the knowledge will become even more VALUABLE!

All of the information to pull your player out of their slump .. is Right Here –
(This video series contains information about the Pitcher’s Common Denominator)

World’s Greatest Hitting Formula Series Includes:

Videos #1 thru #13 .. Lab / Research of the BIGGEST hitting ingredient for TIMING, NEVER explained anywhere and NOT explained in previous video series 10 Hitting Models For Timing.

Videos #14 thru #18 … Extensive research that will help the hitter to do things physically, that helps to see the ball EARLY in the FLIGHT PATH.

Videos #19 thru #21 … Understanding the hitter’s own athletic DNA, making rule applications for quick-tempo hitters vs. slow-tempo hitters.

Videos #22 thru #23 … The SECOND most essential ingredient to hitting and timing… I have NEVER heard anyone else teach this principle.

Video #24 … Hitting Additives – Ever Hitter Uses Some Form of an Additive.

Video #25 … Is the “ICING On The CAKE”, at the end of the project, when I thought I had it put together, AMAZING, our LORD gave me, what I think is ONE of the BIGGEST ingredients to the whole formula. After testing it, It certainly is the .. “ICING On The CAKE”

Video #26 + #27 … Eliminate the Hitter’s Wondering Thoughts at home plate.  Learn how to recognize what is every pitcher’s COMMON DENOMINATOR is and begin to get in sync with every pitcher… This is probably the TWO most important videos on the entire website!

Videos #28 – #44 … are updated/improved explanations regarding the research

Videos #45 -#49 … Are NEW specific details on how I learned to teach Vision and Adrenaline even more effectively.


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TEN Hitting Models for TIMING

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