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Instantly.., He Hit Better?

The engine that drives your hitting is.., the brain controlling the TIMING of your vision. Your eyes work like a camera getting into POSITION to take a picture. It’s a technique that is undervalued and overlooked by most. Make the investment today into our online hitting course. Your son is worth it!https://www.languageofhitting.com/loh-product/best-hit-drill-ever-6-0-video-course/ […]

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Brunswick GA August 22, 23 (Driven Sports Complex)

This is the most sophisticated innovative-progressive approach to hitting you’ll ever find.“Timed Hitting Perception” is the primary concept that is being taught.Teaching hitters how to master their Hitting Timing and Hitting Spatial Alertness…are the main ingredients that help hitters… “hit better in the game”!Every hitter will be taught what THEIR Hitting Model is and what […]

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