1st Hitting Session, Find His Natural Way to Hit

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(1st Visit With Us)..Peek Into Our Hitting Session

Brief Example of a Hitting Session..

Alex kirilloff dave kirilloff language of hitting mike trout swing

Neuroscience of TIIMING…Are You Doing It?

Alex Kirilloff MLB Debut for Minnesota Twins!

MLB Manager Comments, Learn True Hitting Secrets!

Why Doesn’t Your Son Have Hitting Control?

Knowledge About: Hitting Timing & Hitting Spatial Alertness?

Pittsburgh PENNSYLVANIA…Monday November 9, 2020

ST. LOUIS…Hitting Session!

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The PURE Way Scouts Evaluate Your Son’s Hitting..No Data Devices Needed!

Mesa ARIZONA Tour Event!

If You Want to Hit Better..Just Do the Opposite of What Everyone Else Is Doing?

Are You Being Short-Sighted with Hitting Instruction?

Did I Give Him..The Best Hitting Instruction?

Hitters Getting TOO Excited..Pitchers LOVE IT!

Harrison Bader..Just Told Us What the Golden KEY to Hitting Is!!

Hitting Training: Stop Wasting Time?

Hitting Timing: The Advanced Approach to Hitting

*New* Training At Home for Baseball *Online* Video Course