• New ReleaseBest Hit Drill Ever 6.0 Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 6.0 Video CourseStream Online for$795
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    **80 Full Videos**
    The Course has 7 hours of Hitting Instruction!
    Includes all previous versions.
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  • Learn MoreBest Hit Drill Ever 4th Video CourseBest Hit Drill Ever 4th Video CourseStream Online for$345$195
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  • Learn MoreFaceTime or Zoom Call Baseball Training SessionFaceTime or Zoom Call Baseball Training Session
    Zoom Baseball Training Sessions with Dave Kirilloff. This hitting development is specifically designed to improve your hitting timing and hitting spatial alertness.
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  • Learn MoreUltimate Hitting Event!Ultimate Hitting Event!$995$895
    The ULTIMATE HITTING EVENT is a training session like, you've NEVER experienced! Different from other hitting clinics, our participants will NOT get underhand flip drills, or short-screen batting practice and.., they will hardly use batting tees. Our hitters will learn our innovative hitting concepts that derive from hitting neuroscience while.., having pitchers "PITCH" batting practice vs. "THROWING" batting practice from distances of about 50 feet.

    November 26-27, 2022
    December 28-29, 2022
    January 14-15, 2023
    February 18-19 2023
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Hitting’s *Timing Teacher* Can Work with Your Group..

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Hitting’s Timing Teacher Can Work With Your Group…

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