Best Hit Drill Ever 4th Video Course

The 4th Video Course was $345.00
NOW… only $195.00!

**21 Full Videos**
Almost 3 hours of NEW Hitting Information
(The 4th Edition Course also includes all video material from the 3rd Edition Course)

Tired of hitting drills that give you meager results?  The DRILLS  I show you in this video series..Will correct your: balance, vision, stop you from turning your hips and shoulders too soon.  Your hitters will begin IMMEDIATELY to keep their elbows in the “slot”?   These DRILLS will stop your hitters from lunging at the ball, stop them from rolling over, stop you from dipping and popping up the pitch.  It’s all right here in one AMAZING HITTING DRILL… no tricks, no tools, no more gadgets!

Also, this video series will help your baseball or softball player create a LAUNCH and hit balls into the gap.

Learn how gaining Control of the bat will help you gain REAL Bat Speed for games, its practical application is extremely valuable. The other fake bat speed techniques you produce for showcase events don’t usually transfer over well into games.

More Home Runs!  One video clip explains a technique we used to help one player (Alex Kirilloff )  win the national home run derby at Petco Park. Gaining the knowledge of what he did, will help you generate more home runs too.

Hitter’s Angst – this may be the biggest deterrence of hitting success in games.  Learn the technique I use to help hundreds of hitters to pull out of this common hitting problem.

**Every.. dedicated baseball and softball hitter should be equipped with the KNOWLEDGE this video series provides.
The sooner your hitter learns these techniques the more it will increase in its value! **

What You Will LEARN… in the 4th Video Course:

#1 – Details For Vision Training While You Swing

#2 – Defeating Hitter’s Angst

#3 – Master your Vision While You Swing

#4 – Eyes Move Faster than the Ball Technique

#5 – Bunting Correctly for Vision Practice

3rd Addition Video Course

#1 – Basic Best Hitting Drill Ever

#2 – Best Hitting Drill Ever – Special Ingredient

#3 – Best Hitting Drill Ever –  Advanced Section

#4 – Best Hitting Drill Ever – One Arm High Release Hitter

#5 – Best Hitting Drill Ever – One Arm Low Release Hitter

#6 – Best Hitting Drill Ever –  Dominant Opposite Field Hitting

#7 – Mechanics Of Vision – Do Not Undervalue This Video – Must-Have for Every Player!

#8- Control The Finish Line

#9 – Improve Bat CONTROL and Bat Speed will Show UP

#10 – NEW Better Explanation of Best Hitting Drill EVER summer 2016

#11 – Hit More Home Runs | Create more LAUNCH | Create more LIFT


#13 – Best Hitting Drill – Hitting Curve-balls 2nd Edition

#14 – Advanced Drill Travel Ball, College and Pro Hitters  / Advanced Drill #2 for Travel Players and Higher Levels

*4th Edition Added Video Course – almost an hour in length combined…

#15 – New Updated Version of the Best Hitting Drill EVER…

#16 – Drill For Defeating Hitter’s Angst – Updated

#17 – New Drill Added to 4th Edition

#18 – New Drill for Vision added to 4th Edition

#19 – Vision Practice added to 4th Edition

#20 – Create a Pathway (Brain Training) Part 1

#21 – Create a Pathway (Brain Training) Part 2

**The BEST order to begin watching the courses videos:
3rd Edition Course…Videos… #7, #1, #10
4th Edition Course… Videos… #1, #6, #7
And then.., watching remain videos in any order