ST. LOUIS…Hitting Session!

*Traveling Hitting Event* 2020
Only Accepting, ..the first  5  players per session**

YES ..I’m excited to announce our ST. LOUIS Hitting Session…
Our innovative hitting system teaches hitters to become more sensitive to their Hitting Timing and Hitting Spatial Alertness.
With over 28 years of teaching hitting, I’ve come to the place in my research to realize hitters only begin to “hit better in the game” when… they master these 2 concepts.
Every hitter will be taught what THEIR Hitting Model is and what THEIR Hitting Tempo is…
and be taught real VISUAL PATTERNS/TECHNIQUES that will improve how fast they can process the speed and the space
the ball will be occupying!
Hitters will learn the information from the video series “5.0 Best Hitting Drill Ever” … Also –
from the “World’s Greatest Hitting Formula” that includes the powerful principles of the “Pitcher’s Common Denominator”.
This is NOT a “one size fits all” system, and explains why we only allow 4-5 players per session.

Hitting Event Details:
*One Day …*ONLY 5 players per session!
♦ An online account giving you (lifetime) online access to our Training At Home for Baseball Course  ($95 value!)
♦ 1 hour and 45 minutes of Face to Face innovative, sensitive, hitting training that deals specifically with Hitting Timing and Hitting Spatial Alertness.
♦ Learn “Timing”  Principles as they apply to your hitting model ($600  value).
♦ Free T-Shirt ( $20 value).
♦ Total Investment discounted package deal is only $150…per player

Location:  The City Cages / 900 S Boyle Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110
Date: September 25
Time:  6pm to 745pm

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