2 Concepts That Will Help You Hit Better In The Games!

We are working with Keanu Cowley (Harford County Community College) MLB Prospect!
The 2 elements we devoted the session to were #1 – Study and examine, The Pattern, The Technique, and The Design as to how the eyes COME OFF the Pitcher to find the ball. Look, as a hitter, you stand at home plate with a bat in your hands. You DON’T know where to swing the bat UNTIL…you FIND THE BALL! So, the biggest priority to hitting is to #1 -find the ball and then process the information given to you as a hitter.
#2 – We discussed one of the eight specific swing deceleration patterns to help Keanu become a MORE CONNECTED hitter! When done correctly, swing deceleration patterns help you become more of a unified hitter AND…, these patterns help you keep the bat longer through the hitting zone without overthinking about it.

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