Biomechanics Vs. Neuroscience!

This is Niko. He is a high school player in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Niko is already a nationally celebrated baseball player, especially as a hitter. The goal both Niko and his father share are to have better hitting results in LIVE Games. They want to “optimize the outcomes”.

Too many times players, coaches, and parents get caught up in our current hitting culture trends and are lured away from studying and valuing the true elements that produce consistently good hitting results in live games. What is really responsible for a hitter’s success is not so much the biomechanics as it is the neuroscience!!

The BRAIN controls the eyes. The eyes receive the message about the ball’s SPEED & SPACE. The eyes relay the information back to the BRAIN. The brain sends information back to the eyes and tells the eyes where to go. The limbs follow the eyes. This is called “EYE to HAND” Coordination. This is called a DYNAMIC INTERCEPTIVE MOTOR SKILL!!

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