Bring Us To Your Hometown!


  • Receive hitting instruction from the founder of “Language Of Hitting” Dave Kirilloff.
  • 2 Hitting Sessions in your hometown. (Continental USA).
  • Each hitting session is 1.5 hours in length followed by 15 minutes of review discussion.
  • Max group size is 5 players because teaching hitting perception & timing is very individualized.
  • Each player will receive a personal profile-hitting folder that determines their:
    -Ideal Hitting Tempo.
    -Ideal Hitting Model.
    -Ideal Hitting Deceleration Pattern.
    -Ideal Pattern of watching the pitcher to transitioning to watching the ball.
  • Learn how to increase their level of “hitting perception”.
  • Learn techniques for formatting and processing the pitched ball faster.
  • Learn how to improve ideal launch angle performance naturally without extra effort.
  • Learn how to keep their swing connected, hips with shoulders, arms with legs.
  • Learn how to optimize the most powerful swing pattern their body can deliver.
  • Only $240 per player. (Based on a 10 players or flat rate of $2,400)
  • Players receive our Training At Home for Baseball Video Course and T-shirt for FREE.
  • Visiting team’s host will take care of the batting cage cost and rental arrangements.
  • SPECIAL DEAL! Each player will receive an offer to save $79.50 off our 6.0 Online Hitting Course.

Please give at least 2 weeks’ notice of your request.
Fill out our request form below OR…
send me a text message at 412-287-6689
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Private Hitting Session In Your Hometown with Coach Dave Kirilloff
Anywhere in the Continental USA.
*Two-Session Visit To Your Location.
*1.5 hours per session, followed by a 15-minute post-session discussion.
*Session Includes FREE T-Shirt!
*You take care of batting cage accommodations.
*Only $995  (pay half now $497.50) and then the other half $497, when I arrive.
Call To Schedule 412-287-6689

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RETURN-Private-Visit-Session…with Coach Dave Kirilloff
This is an exclusive trip I make to come and train with your son.  The cost covers my travel expenses and training fees, to make dedicated travel plans specifically for your player.  The investment includes 1.5 hours of training time followed by 15 minutes review and discussion of the concepts we worked on together.  Only $247  *Note: You will need to take care of the batting cage accommodations.

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**ZOOM -FACETIME Hitting Sessions**
Book time on either ZOOM or FaceTime and work directly with Coach Dave Kirilloff.
Sessions are 20 minutes in length.
The apps work best when both of us are connected to the internet vs. cell phone service.
You chose the Hitting Setting…batting tee, soft-toss from a parent, batting practice pitcher, and hitting off of the machine.
The objective is to teach your son how to incorporate hitting concepts that involve Hitting Timing and Hitting Spatial Alertness.
I will observe your son hitting and offer instruction and drills for your son to practice until our next hitting session together.

Pitching Instruction is also available with our ZOOM Training Sessions.
The goal of our pitching training sessions is to help your son with..
(1) Pitching Control
(2) Pitching Delivery Efficiency
(helping to avoid injuries)
(3) Throwing Velocity
(4) Learn to Throw Different Pitches.
(5) Discover his natural way to use the slope of the mound. *NOTE* All Zoom Training Sessions are scheduled through Coach Dave Kirilloff directly.
To set up our meeting time, call me, text me, email me…

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