He Traveled from Chicago to Train with Us!

Tim Kelly came to visit me in Dallas TX. Tim is a college player. The tempo Tim was using was accurate. What Tim needed to change the most about his hitting was his “point of view”. Stop trying to SMASH the ball and start to OUT SEE the BALL! How does one teach this concept?

Well.., it begins with accepting the idea that hitting is an EYE to HAND Coordination…(the eye is controlling the hand.)
Next, we worked on diffusing the pitcher’s weapons, namely: 1. TIMING 2. SPACE Throwing from a FULL Pitcher’s windup, from about 50 feet away, we taught Tim how to become more sensitive to hitting timing and hitting spatial alertness.

Teaching Tim how to use the pitcher’s common denominator and to TIME his vision at the start of the race, helped him to become more accurate with deciphering pitches and the space the pitches would move into.

Lastly, we changed Tim’s swing mechanics by way of manipulating how Tim would decelerate the bat.
After we did this, Tim demonstrated a more controlled, structured, and organized swing.
Your son ready too. Your son, your team… is ready to learn how to master hitting timing and hitting spatial alertness.

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