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Having accumulated 20 years of experience in Professional Baseball Scouting Dept., Coaching a nationally ranked college teams, and operating a full – time Baseball Training Facility – I’ve learned if I really want to help the players IMPROVE their game.. DON’T follow the “Crowd”. Too many times, we just assume – if everyone else is teaching it.. It must be right. Six years ago I was frustrated in the speed of our players development. Through prayer and devotion to ” Jesus ” .. I’ve come to learn the true inner parts that makes hitters get better. It revolves around a hitter’s ability to “time the pitcher’s release”. Currently, examples and interviews on Jose Bautista, Sammy Sosa – have shed light into this. So, I’ve come to the conclusion – Who are the players who hit good are those who just ‘get’ the idea of good TIMING or they had someone teach them ideas of good timing. Given the differences of everyone’s swing, I have concluded – based upon similarities of players athletic dispositions.. There are 10 Hitting Models players can use to get their “TIMING” together and insync with the pitcher. This web site offers ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTION .. Set up you account and watch the videos you purchase RIGHT NOW .. The site features PRO HITTING INSTRUCTION VIDEOS for Amatuer & Pro Players. The Video Series also includes instruction in concentrations of: Fielding, Pitching, Game Strategy, and BASEBALL Conditioning. WHO IS DAVE KIRILLOFF ? Dave Kirilloff has formerly worked in the Professional Scouting Department and has Coached for Nationally Ranked Collegiate Teams. Having accumulated 20 years of Pro Teaching – Coaching – Scouting: He has assembled the essential ingredients you NEED to improve player’ s HITTING. This ‘SYSTEM’ has been featured in BASEBALL AMERICA and in COLLEGIATE BASEBALL! These are NOT your common – mundane drills we’ve all seen for decades. But instead – Effectively Drills that will INSTANTLY help your hitter improve their swing! Online Videos – Watch and Learn ..NOW ! Just click over to the ALL VIDEOS tab or click here . Find the videos you are looking for to help your player and team. Just add it to your cart ..

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