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**Best Hitting Drill EVER 5.0**
**33 Full Videos**

5.0 Video Course has almost 4.5 hours of Hitting Instruction!
(the 5.0 Video Course also includes the 3rd and 4th edition course videos)

If you already have the 3rd or 4th edition courses, when you log in to make your purchase of the 5.0 series,
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Inside the 5.0 series, you’ll learn about our “Proprietary Information” – trade secrets regarding Timing and Spatial Awareness that our baseball and softball hitting cultures are not discussing.  With your investment into the  5.0 series, you will also gain access to both the 3rd and 4th edition courses of the Best Hitting Drill EVER!

The New 5.0 Video Course is a little over 1.5 hours of hitting trade secrets not commonly discussed.  The series pays heavy attention to learning how to SEE the pitch earlier in its flight path and how to become more sensitive to Spatial Awareness.
(*Please note- information about the pitcher’s common denominator is shared at both my Traveling Hitting Events
and on our World’s Greatest Hitting Formula video course).

*As mentioned* if you already have the previous editions, when you log in to make your purchase, the system will automatically offer you the prorated price.

What You Will LEARN… in the NEW 5.0 Video Course:

5.1 Best Hitting Drill Ever Intro / Review – Important New Explanations.

5.2 The Ball Asks Me A Question  (Mastering Spatial Awareness)

5.3 The Blurry Glasses Test  (Improve Sensitivity to your Perceptions)

5.4  Challenged With Spatial Awareness – DRILLS

5.5 See The Ball Earlier In The Flight Path – Patterns