No One Improves Their Hitting UNTIL..They Improve Their Hitting Perception!

If you are adamant about improving your hitting then.., you’re like most true researchers and scientists who test their theories regularly with the trial-and-error method. If your theory is working and giving you good results for a few days and after, you continue to perform your concept but now…, you’re experiencing bad outcomes..well, then perhaps what you thought was the KEY to your hitting, now.., really isn’t it at all.

What this means is, it’s back to the drawing board! During the past 30 years of my hitting research, I’ve experienced this narrative, too many times! This brings me to the theory/topic of “Hitting-Perception”.

So far to date, with extensive research, I’ve concluded that no one really improves their hitting outcomes during the real games until they come to the place of improving their “Perception” of a moving ball. Let’s briefly define hitting-perception as…, using your senses to identify the:
(1) Speed of the pitch.
(2) Space that the pitch is moving into.
(3) Depth in which the pitch is passing through.

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