Super Hitting Sessions DFW Area…The Natural Way to Hit!


Learn the most “natural way” there is to hit a baseball. It’s the most natural way to hit because this system teaches your son to become more sensitive to his… hitting timing, hitting spatial alertness, and hitting perception. He will learn how to pay attention to the ball, something the pitcher is trying to disrupt him from doing! Your son’s swing mechanics and bat paths will both be mastered while learning deceleration drills. This really works!

Join our Super Hitting Session Group in Parker TX.  We meet at the Southfork Sports Complex. Our goal is to improve the hitter’s “Hitting Timing”, “Hitting Spatial Alertness” and “Hitting Perception”. I will be throwing Live Batting Practice (usually from a FULL Pitching Delivery).  Because we are putting our attention to “Hitting Timing” concepts, our group size will not exceed 5 players.  The smaller group size allows me to give more personal attention to each hitter’s individual needs.  These hitting concepts are highly specialized and are specific to improving your son’s hitting when it counts the most…the LIVE GAME!

Ages: Players between ages 10u and 18u.
Dates/Times: Sundays… January 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28, / March 7, 14, 21, 28 /  4pm to 455pm / **Note** Dates are subject to change.
**Note** After you purchase the session visit, Schedule Your Son on the Calendar to SAVE His Spot for the Session!

Southfork Sports Complex
5955 Lindsey Lane
Parker, TX 75002
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