Ethan Bernal / George West TX

Coach Dave,

First of all, My family would like to thank you for such a great experience. We all learned so much, even my wife is reminding Ethan how to control the finish line. We know it was a long way for you to get to Texas but we are so glad you did. I have never seen Ethan with so much confidence in his hitting. His whole approach at the plate has changed. He is talking about, adrenaline, the common denominator, controlling his swing and being a hitting researcher (test and observe.) Meeting and working with you has been a great influence on my son and on me. Since meeting and talking to you I now know that choosing The Language of Hitting (You) was the best thing I could do to help my son. Thanks for sharing you knowledge of baseball with us. Buy the way Ethan had two at bats in his last game a bases loaded triple and sacrifice fly to center.

God Bless You and your Family

The Bernal Family!