Mike Killian

Mike Killian here I purchased “best Hitting Drill Ever” and as you can see from the logo I am a Certified Mike Epstein Hitting Instructor and I fully believe in his concepts as well. But, as you state in your literature, – what do you do – when you get a hitter that comes in and already does everything you teach that is struggling and how do you reach them quickly and make a positive difference in helping them solve their hitting issue?

Well, just this past weekend I was able to put your drill to test and I know you will not be surprised but I was literally able to correct his current issues and by the end of 30 mins of our 1 hr session.  He asked if he could come back the next day for another 1 hr session because we were able to make a HUGE impact, when other coaches were not able to help him correct his issue!
He is a College Sophomore, a starter and he hits in the 3 hole. He is the starting catcher. As a part of his college team he has been to several Pro Hitting Instructors…

His problem: He was pulling off the ball and no matter what he tried or other instructors tried — he could not stop pulling off.

We used your Best Hitting Drill EVER .. So this is proof your drills work!

Literally after 15 swings his hitting was sensational ..

The following day we started out working on the same drills with even better success and power.   Then we worked on “Opposite Field” and his hitting took off even to a higher level and he readily admitted that up until these 2 sessions he did not consider himself a hitter that could hit with power the other way. So this is proof your drills work!