Rick Rogowski / Wisconsin

Hi Dave,

I want to thank you for putting out your videos of the Greatest Hitting Drill Ever.

First I need to set up the circumstances that led to purchasing your videos.

My son played U13 in 2016 as a 12 year old because we thought he was ready. He struggled at the plate the entire year. We hired private coaches and spent hour after hour in the cage; and still hits were few and far between. Previous years my son was a very consistent hitter and normally lead the team; so the lack of performance had us puzzled.

We decided to have him play U13 a second year figuring the extra year of development would be all he needed. My son made a club team with excellent coaching and plenty of indoor winter practices (we live in Wisconsin). The first 10 games went by quickly and my son had a total of 5 hits. At this point my son is losing faith in his ability to hit the ball. I needed to try something or I feared he would quit the game after this season. So I purchased the Best Hitting Drill Ever.

At first I didn’t understand how your drills would help. Then it occurred to me that in order to have a proper finish to a swing your must have the other pieces in place. Understanding the value in your approach I forced my kid to watch every video. Then we took your principals to the cage.
We were able to get two hitting sessions in before his next game.

Ok – I will land the plane.
We just just got home from the game and I felt compelled to share my son’s story.
My son went 4 for 4. It has been two years since he went 4 for 4. I believe the timing principles you teach made all the difference. A week ago his swing was late and slow as he was unable to catch up to the faster pitching. Tonight his timing was spot on.
The best part was his third at bat. He is 7th in the order – bases loaded – 2 outs – full count – he hit a low and away pitch to the opposite field and collects 2 RBI’s. Two weeks ago he had the same situation and struck out looking because he didn’t feel he could hit the pitch.

Thank you for the work you do. It is rare when you find teaching that produces immediate results as what we witnessed tonight.

If you would like to use any part of this for your testimonial you have my blessing.

Thanks much and God Bless,