ULTIMATE Hitting Event!

The ULTIMATE HITTING EVENT is a training session like, you’ve NEVER experienced! Different from other hitting clinics, our participants will NOT get underhand flip drills, or short-screen batting practice and.., they will hardly use batting tees. Our hitters will learn our innovative hitting concepts that derive from hitting neuroscience while.., having pitchers “PITCH” batting practice vs. “THROWING” batting practice from distances of about 50 feet.

Why is it important to have pitchers PITCH batting practice vs. THROWING batting practice from realistic depths? It all has to do with the hitter’s VISUAL DEMANDS and interpretation of VISUAL PATTERNS! How a hitter interprets those visual patterns is affected by their optimized HITTING STYLE and their natural HITTING TEMPO.

Our research has categorized 12 different hitting models and 2 different hitting tempos. How a player is “athletically-wired” determines which hitting style/model and which hitting tempo works best for that player. Determining the correct hitting tempo for each player affects how the player “times-up his vision”. Of all of the concepts, our participants will learn, determining and assessing hitting tempo and hitting model is THE most important step in the hitter’s development..and, it’s the 1st assessment we take on at this event!

After we do this, we lead our hitters into understanding a sophisticated, innovative, and progressive hitting approach which teaches hitters how to THINK FASTER THAN THE BALL IS MOVING! When it comes to swing mechanics, our hitters will learn how to fix ALL Swing Path Issues.., on the DECELERATION PHASE..because, the ACCELERATION PHASE of hitting should be dedicated and devoted to studying the baseball!

Space is very limited for these events.
We can only accept 9 players.
SIGN UP EARLY to lock-down your spot!
Total class time is 8 AMAZING HITTING HOURS!

November 26-27, 2022

December 28-29, 2022

January 14-15, 2023

February 18-19, 2023

*********TENTATIVE SCHEDULE*********
9am to 1015am…Group A (followed by a 15-minute discussion)
1030am to 1145am…Group B (followed by a 15-minute discussion)
1pm to 3pm…Groups A & B (followed by a 15-minute discussion)
5pm to 630pm…Groups A & B (followed by a 15-minute discussion)

9am to 10am Groups A & B (Timing Pitching Machines)
10am to 12noon…Groups A & B (followed by a 15-minute discussion)

Kirilloff Baseball School 1615 County Road 1106
Anna TX 75409

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