We Need To Talk About Your..BATTING PRACTICE!

We Need To Talk About Your BATTING PRACTICE! After carefully analyzing it, your son maybe only getting 3-5 minutes of QUALITY BP a week! Hitting Routine narratives vary from team to team. But please stop and consider this common batting practice routine. It is common for players to tell me they get batting practice anywhere from 3-4 days a week. Batting practice consists of 3 Bunts and 8 Swings! Multiply this by 4 and you’ll realize your son is only getting 32 Swings! If you take the average time it takes for the coach to throw a pitch and your son to swing, you’ll come up with 7 seconds. With 32 swings at 7 seconds per swing, you’ll realize your son is only getting 4 MINUTES of batting practice a week! This isn’t good.

But then someone chimes in and says.., “Well, not my team. We take swings off the batting tees, the coach pitches to us and, we also hit off of the machines.” Now here’s the difference between batting practice and HITTING PRACTICE.
Batting Practice doesn’t copy similar VISUAL PATTERNS that HITTING PRACTICE offers. When you think that, all of your extra batting tee work and machine work is helping you, guess again.

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