Why Do MiLB Hitters Get Released?

I’ve been a professional hitting coach and hitting researcher for over 30 years. When you invest HOURS of your on-duty time, and HOURS of your off-duty time trying to prepare hitters for their “on stage” events, you share a strong bond with players regarding their careers.

There is a big sting that resonants through you when you find out one of your students has been “released” from the club. When you ask the released player, “why do you think the club let you go..?” almost, 100% of the time, the player will tell you the pitching got to be too tough for me.

The released player doesn’t say, “my swing mechanics were bad.” Nor does the player say he had to improve his bat speed. So, based on real hitting science, what can we conclude is the reason why our player got released?
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