World’s Greatest Hitting Formula (New)

41 years of Field Research .. From the player’s perspective, scouting perspective, and coaching perspective, along with a lot of prayer.. Has been accumulated to produce the WORLD’S GREATEST HITTING FORMULA.  

“Linear Thinking” is analytical, careful and precise, taking the DATA around a problem and analyzing it with DEFINED METHODOLOGIES to find logical solutions.
(example- video recording a hitter and only analyzing the hitter by himself is a form of LINEAR THINKING)

“LATERAL THINKING”..Understands linear thinking, ..BUT.. chooses to remain, OUTSIDE of this bounded thought process (example- considering the hitter AND the pitcher in the SAME video, and considering the TIMING between the two, is a form of “Lateral Thinking”).

Having carefully examined the processes of hitting..Our position, to improve a hitter’s game production, the coaches and hitters NEED to focus on the elements and patterns that influences  the hitter’s TIMING.  Incorporate LATERAL THINKING – and begin thinking, outside the box!

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