Hitting Development.., Measure It Accurately?

Two Details:
1. The saying goes, “If you want to improve something, you have to measure it.”
But what happens if how you’re measuring your development isn’t accurate?
If your measurement isn’t accurate then.., you get a false reading of your success.
And this is a narrative for too many of our baseball and softball hitters today.
Our players can enjoy the soft-serve easy pitches in batting practice but they under-achieve in the actual game!

2. No one. Again, no one…, improves their hitting outcomes until they change their hitting mentality. Let me explain.
Basic neuroscience ideas explain to us this concept, “your thoughts control your actions.”
Mediocre to average hitters try to HIT the ball. Elite hitters have a different mentality.
Elite hitters utilize neuroscience principles that explain EYE-to-HAND Coordination.
You may in return tell me… “no Dave, my son got better by working on his swing mechanics.”
My rebuttal is… “your son got better because he bumped into the reality of not trying to hit the ball, but instead, try to Out-See the ball.”

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