CONTROVERSIAL Hitting Topic: To THINK or Not to THINK?

The old baseball lore tells us that hitters are not supposed to think while they are batting. Well, conventional neuroscience tells us otherwise. Basic Neuroscience 101 explains this rule, “Our THOUGHTS control our ACTIONS..” The neuroscience community goes on to say that we as humans cannot move unless we think. Now, with this being said let’s consider the sport of boxing. When boxers are in the ring, do they think? Of course they think because.., boxers are always having to COUNTER the move of their opponent. And just like a boxer needs to COUNTER, so does a baseball or softball hitter. They have to COUNTER the speed of the pitch and the space the pitch is moving into. In order to COUNTER accurately, one needs to measure and calibrate the variable they are responding to. Get Our Hitting Course TODAY. Your Son is Worth It!

CONTROVERSY…Thinking vs. Not Thinking?

Neuroscience 101 says “Your Thoughts Control Your Actions”
…What’s the last thought you have just before you SEE the Ball?
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