Watching the Visual Patterns of the Hitter”s Eyes!


This video was recorded with the purpose of studying the hitter’s visual movement patterns.
This is an extremely important concept in hitting development and it’s undervalued by most hitting communities.

Max wants to hit more doubles. Our approach in achieving this goal is an UNCOMMON approach.
We use concepts that are explained in the field of neuroscience.
The first item on my list to examine was Max’s natural HITTING TEMPO.
The reason why this is first on my list is because.., hitting tempo is directly linked to the hitter’s vision.
If the hitter’s vision is not TIMED correctly, ALL following hitting actions will be affected.

Next, we worked on correcting a few of his swing mechanics by altering Max’s deceleration patterns.
Once we did all of this, hitting airplanes to the outfield became easy.
One more note; all of these concepts were implemented while I was throwing batting practice from a FULL-WIND-UP action.
Hitters and coaches cannot receive accurate outcomes from trying something new when they only try it from batting tees, short screen drills, or fake batting practice using a JAB-STEP. It’s just not accurate.

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