A Hitting Additive, You NEED To Have ONE

Athletes, if you are dealing with MOVING object..It’s easier to blend in when your body is already in motion.  A life example of  this takes place at a park playground.  Try jumping on a merry-go-round when it’s already turning (in motion).  The task is too hard if one just stands still, and suddenly tries to jump on.

Same is true for the hitter, try standing still at home plate, and suddenly try to blend in with the pitcher.  It doesn’t work right.  But- when the athlete has some type of faint movement BEFORE, and uses this to BLEND in with the pitcher’s delivery.. It becomes easier to see the ball and hit the ball.  This faint pre-movement is what I call a HITTING ADDITIVE.

The World’s Greatest Hitting Formula gives you the guidelines to the Models a hitter is trying to use.  I show you in this video series how to help your hitters use HITTING ADDITIVES correctly, so they can BLEND IN with the pitcher’s delivery with greater consistency.

We even having a HITTING ADDITIVE for hitters … Who Don’t Want To Move Around…It works!