Chris Davis / Patterns of 3 Homer Game

During the past several months, I’ve taken phone calls from different MLB teams inquiring about our HITTING SYSTEM. One common overlapping concern these directors shared with me was; “Dave, is your system APPLICABLE, for hitters to use?”  Obviously, YES. What good is a formula if you only discuss it from a LAB / Research point of view?  Most of the time when you tune into a hitting coach sharing their thoughts and hitting approaches, they usually leave out the MOST important aspect of their principles — HOW TO make application towards the game.

I am very humbled and still excited about our LONG TIME project called ….
Soon to be launched in JUNE 2014.  This project has been a LIFE-LONG pursuit, with prayer, trial and error, mistakes, victories, and successes!  …The system is the full explanation of hitting being a four section process:

(1) Stepping Into The Box (Stance, Eyes, Thoughts) Collecting Info correctly begins HERE!
(2) Timing The Pitcher’s Delivery
(3) SEEING The Ball Early In The Flight Path..Learn what good hitter’s physically DO !
(4) LAST – The Hitter’s Swing – It’s LAST .. remember “I just SEE it,  I just Hit it ..”

The World’s Greatest Hitting Formula / 25 Video Series Set, covering the MOST complex elements to hitting most hitting coaches avoid. Having the most expensive bat, swinging 300 swings a day, playing on expensive travel teams DOES NOT guarantee you’ll hit good. Having knowledge as to how to REPEAT the patterns of GOOD Timing will!