Don’t tell hitters, “Keep your head down”

Having coached for over 22 years, I have learned it’s best NOT to tell the hitters to “keep your head down”, “see the ball all the way in”, “let the ball get deep OR let the ball travel”.. You know why ? Because- after testing it and being honest with myself and players.. It doesn’t work!! And science proves this. What I have changed in our coaching is to encourage the hitters to SEE the ball EARLY in the flight path. You know what, when the hitter SEES the ball EARLY in the flight path.. that NATURAL instincts of following all the way in – occur NATURALLY !!

Researcher from UC Berkeley Garrit Maus studied extensively RAPID MOVING OBJECTS IN SPORTS. He explains to the audience how the brain projects the balls next position before we can put together our next thought! The brain is working faster than real time, in essence. So – the truth to what we need our hitters teach our hitter is this simple, get ready AND SEE THE BALL EARLY IN THE FLIGHT PATH..

Now – it’s easy just to SAY it..the hard part for the coach is to TEACH the player the internals as to how to accomplish it! Our new video series will teach you how to do this ..