Former MLB Manager’s Hitting Advice ..

Charlie Manuel former Phillies manager and Indians hitting coach used to share with his players this saying: “KNOW THY SWING..”
In many regards this is very profound.. and the same time, too vague.
What did he want his players to KNOW about their swings? Their mechanics, their stance, their timing,..etc.etc.
I love this phrase, and I agree, each hitter should know his swing like the pitcher KNOWS his delivery. And in KNOWING your swing so well, when the season slump slips in, the player can pull out of it quickly.
But –  if we could teach our hitters to ‘KNOW THY SWING’ .. which element do you think they should KNOW the best?  Their mechanics, the situation, the count.
I have found it more valuable from my own experience and listening to other players in interviews to KNOW your TIMING, know the visual cues from the pitcher’s delivery, .. players who practicing KNOWING these elements are MORE likely to have greater frequency with success!