Being The Hitting Coach – Toughest Job In Sports

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HITTING the baseball … C’mon  .. we all really know – Is not hard to do, BUT getting a REAL hit in a REAL game is.  What could be tougher?  ~Being a HITTING COACH.  Why is being the hitting coach tougher – Because, good hitting coaches are watching the pitcher and the hitter the same time.
And the Hitting Coach helps the hitter to Manage his MOMENTUM, before he loads the hands / or / strides with his foot ..
~ Coaching Legend and Hitting Giant –
COACH GARY WARD .. emphasized this DECADES ago … 

 Good Hitting Coaches are sensitive – to the Pitcher’s tempo and actions as well as the hitter’s.  Good hitting coaches –  understand how to effectively transport information back to the hitter, helping him engaged his timing with the pitchers tempo. 

As  the season approaches –  be the Coach who helps his batter get LINKED onto the Pitcher’s Actions ….
Hitting is 100% TIMING .. Timing effects mechanics, vision, balance, leverage position , spatial awareness .. 
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Rotational Hitting / Linear Hitting .. where are your body parts ? – IS  OK in Batting CAGE theory ..
The REAL Hitting Adjustments that take place in games /  Pitch by Pitch – are Timing Adjustments ++

Not Mechanical !
~ Where is  the Hitter’s Timing, How does manage space.. and where is the ball  ..? 
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