Hitting Idea – Combined with VIDEO Analysis

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Recently, I got a phone call from a confused parent, the topic dealt with, which style should he teach his son to use (Rotational OR Linear).

His son was 14yrs old and playing for an elite travel team. Both father and son are “strong” athletic persons. Both have an athletic style that rely and trust on having their limbs closer to their bodies when executing “athletic motions”…
~ Neither of these individuals are short and stocky – they just prefer.. to keep actions closer to their bodies…

For example: the son stands close to the plate, chokes up on the handle, when he throws he has a “short – arm” circle … All of this leads us to believe – this athlete is “WIRED” to be compact with his actions.

The father’s question for me was – whether or not they should try a LONGER swing arc, as I have mentioned in most of my articles OR should they continue to trust “LETTING THE BALL GET DEEP” close to the hitter and just be quick as possible…?

~ basically, to avoid argument, Rotational hitting – for the most part and what typically happens, the hitter relies on letting the ball get deep, and be as quick as possible. Linear hitting, hitters emphasize longer limb actions.. and of course Hybrid hitting , has a little bit of both…

My advice for the father , let’s “PAINT” your son’s hitting picture – with your son’s athletic color. Meaning this, if the batter likes getting his hands away from his body, then let;s learn how to “MANIPULATE” the barrel with the wrists.

If the hitter likes to be short, compact with his limbs / swing – then let’s learn how to “MANIPULATE” the barrel with the larger torso muscles – like shoulder and hips. For this case, latter is the best way to follow

– Cautiously – PLAYERS WHO PREFER TO KEEP ACTIONS COMPACT AND CLOSE – NEED TO BE MORE SENSITIVE TO MANAGING THE SPACE – because, they are more prone to pulling the bat out of the “zone”.

~ TEACH, the hitter how to move – in the manner as he his “WIRED” to move – and what feels Natural for him!

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