Video shows – FIXING casting hands / lasso – swing

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What seperates good coaches from “great” coaches ?? The ability to transport information. Sure – most coaches can identify hitting flaws and problems, but it’s the coach who can examine the hitting problem and teach / transport / elicit the player to move away from bad baseball actions and shape good “GAME ACTIONS” ….

Don’t be mislead …

Great coaches can get their players to perform this in the game … Like so many other teaching areas >

* Piano Teachers
* Math Teachers
* Language Teachers
~ getting the hitter to improve his production for the game … Is the MAIN POINT..

Like the advanced teachers, we use drills that get the player to emphasize using the RIGHT BRAIN HEMISPHERE …

By conditioning the RIGHT BRAIN HEMISHPERE…
Hitting Drills .. don’t have to be done 5,000 times in order to be conditioned!