Correcting the Hitter’s Timing – Is Everything

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As the college baseball seasons are building up – we notice how SOME players are HOT, from the word GO – while still others are just getting their Timing and Rhythm together …

We – or the player excuse themselves and say – he just needs to ” get the rust off of his bat”. Well, this maybe the case of SOME, and then they turn the “corner” and begin casinominia to hit. Yet, for others, something seems to be missing….

Both players will get into the batting cage and try to iron out their flaws .. and others try to maintain what is keeping them together. The mystery of hitting – in the game – is often difficult to solve.

We give our players mechanical solutions – widen the feet – lower the hands – turn your face – adjust the bat angle. These maybe band-aids for a while, but the deeper PROBLEM – mystery of why this player can hit sometimes and then NOT, isn”t found so much in his mechanics … It”s in his TIMING / TEMPO / RHYTHM ….

Notice in this video – when the hitter”s TEMPO is RHYTHMICALLY engaged with the pitcher – his result is GREAT ..and when his TEMPO is off.. for almost the SAME PITCH….notice how his swing is now FORCED …