More than just – ‘SEE IT and HIT IT’

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Curt Flood was asked to comment on Stan Musial – he explained what Stan Musial told him … just get a strike and hit it hard!
How many times has this type of statement been repeated ..Just go up to the plate – don’t think ..and get a good pitch to hit?

For most players this is the BEST they can describe it. Some players just understand how to hit… they can ‘sense’ how their body prepares for the action… they can internally feel – HOW TO DO IT. But when you ask them how they did it – all you get is a
SUPERFICIAL ANSWER …(like) ‘Just see it and hit it’

So – is there anything DEEPER to understand .. anything MORE beneath the statement – ‘just see it and hit it’ ? YES !

It begins with the player’s / athlete’s FLOW OF ENERGY . Every player is wired differently as to how he/she will move their body athletically – You see, some players will trust their HANDS to keep the rhythm, some trust their FEET .. some trust BOTH ..
some players keep the internal tempo control with their KNEES, It could be anywhere!

But the main point – is to help the hitter understand how to become – RHYTHMICALLY ENGAGED with the pitcher .. and repeat .. and repeat ..

Problems arise when: the hitter does NOT understand himself OR understand his OWN ingredients!
~ LET me help you Find your hitters point of rhythm, send me your hitting video and I will explain to your flow of energy .. I’ll show you how to collect your flow in sync with your body AND the pitcher’s actions..

You’ll be amazed – how by just controlling your energy flow – puts your timing in order, gets spatial skills together , and obviously your mechanics are more sound !