Changes Needed In The Player Development Dept.

You have a player who is a talented infielder or outfielder.  They have all of the great tools  we look for in players…BUT –  he just can’t hit! You bring in former great hitters to work with your player, still not much better.  You try moving your player around in the batting order, still not much better.  You try psychologist, visual eye specialists, new drills, new stances; AND STILL.. not much better.

The WHOLE time the answer to helping your hitter was under your nose and inside our own expressions… “Hitting is TIMING –  Pitching is disrupting the hitter’s TIMING !” Timing has been the answer the whole time, but we try everything else except for fixing timing.  My theory, as to why no one plugs into studying timing is because ..NO ONE has any good answers to explain TIMING except for the generic answers like ‘get your foot down earlier’ OR ‘start slower and earlier’ OR ‘open your stance up..”

Having PRAYED this through .. and having tested all of these 10 HITTING MODELS.. I have come to this conclusion;  As player development directors and as coaches,  we need to improve our players ability to TIME  the pitcher’s delivery and improve our hitters ability to TIME their visual skills to SEE THE BALL early in the flight path…

I have gone up and down every avenue of hitting…  Having LIVED through all of the modern hitting theories of TED WILLIAMS, CHARLIE LAU, to get your foot down approach  RUDY JARAMILLO, and sponged info from great teachers like Gary Ward, Rob Ellis, Frank Porco…  I have come to recognize what  most current coaches do is just regurgitate what they were taught from the 1980’s  and the vicious cycle continues of always fixing our players hitting problems by adjusting their MECHANICS. Hmm?

Please, a great place to begin to help improve your hitters is to understand the 10 Hitting Models for Timing.  Next, to understand the DEEPER layers to TIMING, get our videos series 6 Absolutes for Timing.  This is a study of the the deep underlining sections of TIMING  we need to teach our hitters, so they can make plate adjustments in the game.. That actually help – because, they LEARN how to adjust their TIMING !