New Frontier Of Training Hitters ..

Does The Cart Pull The HORSE ?  Does Swing Mechanics Dictate The Swing ?

Generations have passed and we have all been conditioned by previous lures.  Recently, I have learned an NEW expression that says: “Traditions are passed along in innocence, and traditions are excepted in ignorance“.  I am encouraging our coaching and player development community to re-examine how we train our hitters, what what emphasize in our instruction.  The old adage says , DON’T PUT THE CART .. IN FRONT OF THE HORSE !  Basically, what is most important is what we need to emphasize.  We don’t need to un-hitch the cart, just re-evaluate what is the MOST important ingredient to hitting ..TIMING.  If we always talk, teach, analyze swing mechanics we are in essence putting the Cart Before The Horse.. Because the driving element that controls our mechanics is TIMING !  If a hitter is late with the pitch, he rushes his mechanics, if a hitter is too early, the hitter compromises his power.  If a hitter does NOT see the pitch early in the FLIGHT PATH .. it’s the hitter’s TIMING that alters his vision and how quick he sees the ball in the flight path !  TIMING is the HORSE  that pulls the CART..