Common Hitting Problem – Mistiming the PRE-Activating Actions

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This Video gives a little detail regarding the hitter’s PRE-Activating actions. Golfers – before making a putt, making a drive will take the club face back a couple of times to “warm-up” or “awaken” the swing. Hitters are no different. Ask a successful hitter why does he hold the bat out in front of him while the pitcher takes his signal OR why does he flick the bat out over the plate during this time … and most hitters will tell you, it makes them comfortable. But, research tells us there is more detail around those actions than what meets the eye…

Hitters – can have bad PRE- Activating actions, and our Video “PRE-ACTIVATING THE ACTIONS” will give you the starting place to understand what actions are good AND what actions are harmful to your swing.