Video Shows NEW Hitting Pattern

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Some of the best HITTING advice I got was from ALL-STAR ~ Reggie Smith. After sitting down with him, he told me ” …. there is NO wrong way to hit DAVE – just more EFFICIENT ways to get it done! ”
When it comes to hitting advice and hitting theories.. Is following the CROWD always the best?
Don’t you get tired of watching hitting from the same perspective with minimal results?

How many times can you say …..
> Use the hands …..
> Lead with the KNOB …..
>Get the foot down …..
> Put the elbow – in the SLOT …..
All of these are good VAGUE – verbal ques to help the hitter with mechanics. But hitters can make instant adjustments and perform better in games when they condition TIMING CUES – and become RHYTHMICALLY engaged with the pitcher.
An example of this is the actions the batter performs while the pitcher is getting his signal – how the batter moves OR doesn’t move will throw off his timing or keep his timing in check with the pitcher.
Another place to watch is the hitter’s hands and the path he chooses to load into. This path or pattern and the timing of this path is very critical to the achieving success !
My advice – DON’T FORCE every hitter to load the same. Every hitter is an athlete – and will do what is natural for His / Her body.

LEARN how to help you hitters find their NATURAL path / pattern and LEARN how to TEACH your hitters how to
PRE – ACTIVATE their swings ..