Cracking the HITTING ..CODE

Cracking The HITTING   <CODE> .. Sophisticated Side Of  TIMING ..

Working yesterday with a hitter who was using a LEG LIFT HITTING MODEL. On the early batting rounds, this hitter wasn’t ON. He was slapping his hits, not putting his body into the swing. For most coaches, they would have coached the hitter to get your foot down sooner, or, get your hips through quicker, open up stance, – but I already knew.. NONE of those things would get this player on track. What I did was stop, and explain to the hitter that being a LEG LIFTER he had two choices of when turn on his ADRENALINE, later or earlier.. just like in contrast as ADRIAN GONZALEZ ( later) vs HANLEY RAMERIEZ (earlier) .. Having worked with this hitter in the past , I remembered He was a Late starter.. It fixed everything INSTANTLY .. back to lifting LINE DRIVES out to the outfield.