Timing Model Is Determined By How You Gather..

Timing Model – Is Determined By How You Gather ..

Coaches, Players, Parents –  When you are training this winter to improve your hitting, take into account how YOU the hitter “gather your energy”.  This is how we determine what HITTING MODEL  you are working from.  Like a musician who nods their head as they play their instrument , OR , maybe they tap their foot.. this is how the musician is keeping the RHYTHM .. and anticipateS the next action ..

Hitters do the same thing.. somewhere in their bodies they gather energy with a particular pattern ..Watch this video and see how some of our game’s best hitters did it with what I coined the SANDWICH MODEL… When watching the video, ask yourself – What would have happened to this hitter if a coach told him to stop dropping his hands.. Probably the same thing would happen to a musician if you told him to stop nodding his head .. they would be out of sync !

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