Early Pitch Recognition Can We TEACH it ?

 EARLY Pitch Recognition … YES – we can TEACH it !

With over 21 years of combined scouting, coaching, and teaching experience.. I have been on a mission to teach other players how to become successful players ( especially hitters).  The MOST – difficult task for any coach is to LEARN how to communicate his thoughts to the player and to get the player to perform better.  And just like any other JOB / WORK .. you search for ways to make your JOB more efficient and productive.

So –  this is what I strive for, HOW TO HELP PLAYERS – PLAY – BETTER !  Through the years, I’ve learned NOT to waist the player’s time with a drill that really doesn’t have a lot of GAME PURPOSE.  Instead, study what can I do as a coach to prepare the hitter with drills and applicable  ELEMENTS that DO have GAME PURPOSE.

The two areas I have really honed in on that helps the hitters in the GAME are these two:

1. TIMING .. the hitter’s body with the pitcher’s body

2. EYES .. the eyes actually have their own TIMING pattern , that –  IS –  physical and helps us with EARLY Pitch RECOGNITION.

The above video discusses an article and how science can explain what EARLY Pitch Recognition is and WHY it works .. BUT – It does NOT explain how a player can physically / routinely / repeat the good PATTERN of having Early Pitch Recognition.  I’m currently working on the complimentary video series to the 10 Hitting Models For Timing .. It is called, 4 ABSOLUTES FOR TIMING…it will include how a hitter physically repeats the pattern of having EARLY Pitch Recognition..

And just so you know – I have been BLESSED to realize, that most of us who played the game, and hit well, DID NOT do what we tell our hitter’s to do..which is see the ball out of the hand – OR –  go from soft focus to hard focus – OR – watch the ball come out next to the pitcher’s window next to his head.

When I discovered this physical element ( and it has taken YEARS of compiling info – and PRAYER)  I  – was AMAZED !  .. 4 Absolutes For Timing VIDEO SERIES is coming soon !