is the pitching coach SMARTER THAN THE HITTING COACH ?


Well, if you’re studying the game as close and as long as I have, you’d have to say YES!

Why- is the pitching coach smarter? The pitching coach realizes the basic staple to baseball: HITTING IS ABOUT TIMING, PITCHING IS ABOUT DECEIVING THE HITTER’S TIMING. The pitching coach also recognizes, to fool the batter his pitcher needs to fool SPATIAL AWARENESS (pitch outside, then pitch inside). With this video we see the batters execute what is taught to most batters, which is keep the hands compact. The truth and problem is that most hitters who do this,  don’t take into account  the physical law of conservation of angular momentum. Simply put, your hands will escape the path of it’s axis ( YOUR BODY) – when you suddenly move – And before you think it – I already know -YOU tell your hitter to hold the hands closer,  and resist casting out ..
But the truth be recognized, MOST hitters DON’T do it  .. and as you can see.. the hands fly away (get casted out) ..

What I’m encouraging the rest of my coaching colleagues to recognize is this: study the details of TIMING.. mechanics will take you so far, they are important. -BUT – the weapon the pitcher is using the most to get the batter out.. Has ALWAYS BEEN and will continue to be.. DECEIVING THE HITTER’S TIMING. So – let’s change the coach landscape and teach our hitters how to be more aware and sensitive to TIMING!