David Ortiz World Series MVP and his TIMING at home plate.


2013 World Series MVP – David Ortiz was locked in the entire post-season.  He was ”IN CONCERT’ with the pitcher’s movement.  His friend Jose Bautista put it  into these terms.. Jose has a ”visual que”  on a particular section of the pitcher’s deliver where he gets locked in.  Ortiz and other big hitters are doing the same thing.  Sometimes they DON’T verbalize it like Bautista.. but they have it too.

What Ortiz masters at home plate is his PATTERN FOR TIMING.. Inside our video series  10 HITTING MODELS FOR TIMING , I explain to you the hitting model Ortiz is using – It is what I call the SANDWICH HITTER…In the model the hitter will bring a flow of energy from above his waist , and a flow of energy from below his waist and “gather himself ” in the middle of his body..

Check out the slow motion part of the video above and you’ll see what I’m referring to. He is not the only hitter who has this style. It very popular.  Danger for a coach – trying to remove this from his hitter.  This is the style the hitter is trying to gather himself to create force and energy.  The video series 10 HITTING MODELS FOR TIMING will help you as a player /or / coach to recognize this style and learn some of the rules which will help the hitter make better application with this model.