Timing Improves The Hitter’s Alertness, Vision, Swing Mechanics, Bat Speed.


Hitting is Timing.. Plain and Simple.  As coaches, if we really want to help our players to hit better in games,  WE NEED to start paying attention to the details that work around timing the alertness, timing the vision, timing the swing !  The Best Hitting Drill – Ever (video series) is a “STARTING POINT” of understanding the MODERN APPROACH to teaching mechanics with TIMING…

The next place to understand you hitter’s timing, I show you inside the 10 HITTING MODELS for TIMING (video series)… I teach the models / category .. every hitter will fall into..  You and the hitter will begin to COMPREHEND the place / location inside his hitting model that he / she needs to BLEND in with the pitcher.. I show the PLACE the hitter NEEDS to turn on their adrenaline, in relationship with the pitcher’s delivery.  For both baseball and fast-pitch softball !

When you are really hunger to learn, the next place to go is the WORLD’S GREATEST HITTING FORMULA.. This video series will explain to your hitter.. how to accomplish, consistent LINE DRIVES, .. they’ll be squaring up the ball all the time ,, BECAUSE, I teach you in this video series the MOST complex  corners of TIMING..

I explain how to get control of your adrenaline, ( only took me 23 years to learn how to explain it !)

I explain how to TIME your VISION !

I explain to you how to TIME your hitting model with the most powerful position  to hitters..