Fast Pitch Softball: Hitting Perception Research! Brooklyn Willard

Mr. Willard drove over 20 hours to visit our indoor facility in Anna TX. He wanted his daughter to learn firsthand, face to face, about our hitting concepts that explain how perception drives one’s hitting. We shared three sessions together. As with every player, our priority is to identify what is the player’s natural hitting tempo. A hitter’s HITTING TEMPO has a direct effect on the hitter’s perception.

According to neuroscience, hitting a baseball/softball requires a sensory movement skill versus a reflexive one. This means when you hit a ball with a ball, the brain relies on senses (namely the eyes) to interpret the ball’s…, speed, space, and depth. The faster one can pull information in about the ball, the quicker one can push out information about the ball. Next, to help her polish her swing mechanics we taught her how a hitter can correct any biomechanical swing flaw on the deceleration side of the swing. There are nine different swing deceleration models one can use.

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