Fixing the Timing At Home Plate

Most of us are former players helping current players. Most of us, were conditioned to address hitting issues from where the hitter is standing and review the hitter’s relationship to the pitch — most of the time — when the ball is half way to the plate OR when the ball is striking the bat.

We might as well be teaching GOLF, because, most hitting coaches address hitting needs when the BALL is already on top of our hitters. This short video explains to coaches AND players, if you really want to begin to gain more productive / consistent hitting results.. We need to  examine the space between the hitter and pitcher in 3 sections.

Next, we need to begin to understand SECTION #1 … is the place every hitter MUST  integrate themselves with the pitcher’s delivery, Whether is BASEBALL or FAST PITCH SOFTBALL. Coach – you can begin to identify HOW your hitter “fits in ” with the pitcher’s delivery by understanding every pitcher’s COMMON DENOMINATOR – AND – by understanding  YOUR   hitter’s  HITTING MODEL FOR TIMING.

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