Hitting Drills Fix Your Timing


Above video gives you real game examples of bad timing.  Try to watch the batter’s movement in conjunction with the pitcher’s movement.
Inside the first example the hitter grounds the ball back to the pitcher.  If you carefully see – the hitter does NOT get his body in-sync with itself..
Upper body and lower body are off …  And the hitter is out of sync with the pitcher’s movement.

Second batter gets an inside pitch, belt high.. and the best he can do is ground out to the shortstop.. Earlier in this game – this second example
got the SAME pitch –  belt high , inside fastball.. result was a HOMERUN.. hmmm?  TIMING !

Third example batter.. doesn’t start until almost pitch is released…
Has almost NO chance .. hmmm ?  TIMING ?

Coach – Player – or Parent …

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